The Farm


            A Unique, Pleasurable Way of Life

          What an animal!  What a business!  What a life-style!  Alpacas from start to finish have beauty, charm, grace and investment potential both as an animal and as a by-product--fiber.   At Rocky Run Alpacas, we enjoy all of these attributes of alpacas.  They are the most unique livestock in which Bud and I have been involved.

There have been many species, including Angus cattle, horses and ponies, pygmy goats, dairy goat and sheep.  These other livestock provided our five children with lessons in care, feeding, reproduction and responsibility.  Our children and grandchildren are now enjoying the benefits of our alpaca business.


    Truly a Family Affair

        Bud and I began planning in 1988 for his eventual retirement from practice as an orthopedic surgeon.  We decided that we wanted a business in which we could both be involved and also utilize our farm.  None of the previous livestock filled the bill.  We were among the earliest breeders in the industry.  We are so grateful that we learned about alpacas, while looking for llamas!   Size, rarity, looks and growth potential made them the ideal choice.   Beginning and continuing a business has been an exciting challenge for us.   The potential is varied and unlimited--large/small; huacaya/suri; Chilean/Peruvian; color variety/one color.  Now that Bud has retired, we continue to build on the foundation herd and take great pleasure in what we have accomplished and what we plan to do.


Today our grandchildren help with cleanup and feeding when they visit.  Bottle feeding the occasional cria that needs supplementation is always a treat.  They have been star models for our advertising.  They, too, are involved with the husbandry and the necessity of caring for animals.  They know the dependency of the animals on human beings for their care.  They regularly assist with the training of the crias and have had great success showing them in performance classes.  Here is a helpful tip for any of you who have children or grandchildren about three years old: the shovel handle rested on the child's forehead holds the shovel at the perfect angle in which to rake the droppings.

Something for Everyone

A marvelous additional benefit of alpacas is their fiber.  Our daughter, Amy Bunten, has developed a successful cottage industry by spinning and dyeing the fiber and knitting sweaters.  She sells both the yarn and the finished garment.  The beauty of this cottage industry is that she can work from home and take care of her young family.   Her husband also helps by doing some of the carding.

All ages can enjoy alpacas; there is something for everyone.  All of our children give us advice--suggestions about animals to buy, financial management from the son on Wall Street and what colors they prefer.  Some are helpful at shearing time and others are helpful when new fields need to be fenced.  It is truly a family affair.





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