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Name Color




Grey A 3 in 1 PACKAGE.


2 in 1

Elliemay has a great temperament and good conformation and fiber. Her sire is Inca Legend's Promise, a grey blue ribbon winner at Mapaca.  Elliemay's first cria, born this spring, is a true black male, RRA Onyx's Picasso that comes at her side in this package.  Elliemay is bred to HDF Alfie for a cria in Fall 2007.


price includes Elliemay, a pregnant female and her son RRA Onyx's Picasso


for Elliemay and her expectant cria

SVA ELLIEMAY             DOB 6/16/04

Elliemay's Sire: Inca Legend's Promise

Elliemay's Service Sire: HDF Alfie                        

Picasso's Sire: Peruvian Onyx

RRA Picasso

Dark Silver Grey Oppportunity's unusual coloring is an eye-catcher. She comes from gray on both sides. Her dam, Silver Cloud, has been producing for Rocky Run for many years and has given us some Blue Ribbon winners. Her sire, King Solomon of KPR, has produced many blue ribbon winners.  Opportunity is bred to Marquis of Ore Hill for a cria in Fall of 2007.




DOB: 6/21/05

Sire: Solomon of KPR

Service Sire: Marquis of Ore Hill


Medium Brown This is a very attractive, young Medium Brown female. She is a perfect foundation female with very crimpy, soft, dense fiber. Kaidence is performance trained. She is bred to HDF Alfie for a cria in Fall 2007.


KAIDENCE                DOB 5/29/05

Service Sire: HDF Alfie



(brown and white)

Ophelia is one of a kind. With her unique presence and her strong sense of curiosity you won't be able to miss Ophelia. Her ability to stand out is complimented by her super fine, crimpy and dense fiber. Both parents are pinto: her dam black and white, and her sire, Ameripaca's Dasher, brown and white. Ophelia is being agility trained. SOLD
RRA OPHELIA                     DOB: 9/7/05 Sire: Ameripaca's Dasher    

Grey Olivia is the daughter of Inca Legend's Promise our award winning grey male and Jillian a silver grey female.  Olivia's fleece is dense and soft, but the first thing we notice about Olivia is her sweet disposition that she greets us with. Olivia is agility trained.  She is being bred to Marquis of Ore Hill for a cria in Spring 2007. SOLD
RRA PROMISE'S OLIVIA      DOB 5/7/05 Sire: Inca Legend's Promise

Service Sire: Marquis of Ore Hill


Bay Black

This young lady has all of the beauty and fine characteristics that come from her outstanding forebears. She has crimp, fineness, hand and style in her fiber. In addition she has excellent conformation, good ddisposition and has been performance trained by our grandchildren. $13,000

Outstanding again

Sire: Peruvian Onyx




(white with black spots)

This fantastic looking, appaloosa male has poise, fine, crimpy fiber, a good disposition and excellent conformation.  He has Jr. Herdsire potential.  His sire is HDF ALFIE, a BLue Ribbon winner at Mapaca Jubilee '05.  His dam is a lovely Bay Black Peruvian-Chilean cross.  SOLD
RRA ALFIE'S OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN                             DOB: 10/16/05

Officer as a baby

Sire: HDF Alfie

True Black Jr. Herdsire. This true black young male is the offspring of King Soloman of KPR, a grey full Peruvian and a bay black bolivian female. His fiber is dense, lustrous, and fine. He should bring strong genetics and a good disposition. $7500.00
RRA SOLOMON'S OLIVER   DOB 6/12/05 Sire: Solomon of KPR



Dark Brown

Jr. Herdsire potential.  Primo is a handsome, Dark Brown young male. His proud carriage, excellent conformation and dense, crimpy fiber come from a long line of Peruvian/Chilean crosses including Hemingway, Mr. Antonio and Peruvian Fidel. $3,500

Sire: HDF Alfie


Light Silver Grey

Prince is a gorgeous young male.  He is a product of two greys; his sire is the award-winning Inca Legend's Promise.  This little boy seems to have it all: dense and crimpy fleece, a soft handle, and a striking presence.  Prince's curiosity gets the best of him and it is exciting to see what he will discover next.  Prince is agility trained.

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Sire: Inca Legend's Promise


Dark Brown

Phantom is a farm favorite!  His loving disposition cannot go unnoticed.  Phantom's sire Gallagher of AOA contributed his trademark crimp onto this handsome young male.

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Sire: Gallagher of AOA


Medium Silver Grey

A product of two greys, Perry is exactly what we expected when we bred  Silvercloud, his dam, to our award-winning grey herdsire Inca Legend's Promise.  His mom has produced seven straight grey crias.  Perry has excellent fiber with a magical handle, great presence, and is agility trained!

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Service Sire: Inca Legend's Promise

Half Sister: Opportunity (for sale)


Bay Black

The product a true black dam and our fantastic grey herdsire Inca Legend's Promise, Pioneer has a great future ahead of him.  In his young age Pioneer shows remarkably dense fleece with a luxurious handle. Pioneer's tranquil disposition is useful durin agility sessions.


RRA PROMISE'S PIONEER            DOB Spring 2006    

Medium Silver Grey

His name speaks for itself. Pride is truly something to be proud of! Pride traces back to a long line of grey.  His sire Inca Legend's Promise has produced champion offspring.  Pride shows promise with a charming disposition and excellent fiber.  Pride is agility trained.

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RRA PROMISE'S PRIDE                   DOB Spring 2006

Sire: Inca Legend's Promise

Pride and Mommy

Grand Sire: Marquis of Ore Hill


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The above price lists are for informational purposes and are subject to change on a regular basis to reflect the breeding status and availability of our alpacas.  Availability and final prices must be confirmed prior to purchases.   Females with crias at side are priced and sold separately, unless otherwise stated or agreed upon.

Revised 2/07


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